Organic Walnuts

Organic walnut process from tree, cracked, and packaged

We sell our organic walnuts across the United States and our customers extend all the way to Canada, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan. We process our own walnuts from harvest to packing to ensure every step along the way meets our standards. We double sort our walnuts with state of the art Sortex E1 and Z infrared scanners along with a third sort by hand to ensure they meet the finest possible standards. We finish by vacuum sealing our walnuts to help make sure that they are among the freshest walnuts you have ever tasted. In addition to organic certification, our walnuts are Kosher, Primus GFS and Global G.A.P. certified.

Organic walnut halves
Organic Walnut Box
Organic walnut diced meal

Available packs (vacuum seal standard unless otherwise requested):

22lb Chandler Variety 85% halves

25lb Chandler Variety Light Halves and Pieces with 30% minimum half count

25lb Halves and Pieces

30lb Medium Pieces

30lb Bit and Small Bit pieces

30lb Diced Walnuts