How We Grow It

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality and most delicious fruits & nuts . . . NATURALLY.  

We’re committed to bringing you back to the days of good OLD-FASHIONED wholesomeness.

We specialize in CERTIFIED ORGANICALLY GROWN fruits & nuts.

By using organic methods we hope to not only provide you with the most NATURALLY WHOLESOME and DELICIOUS fruits and nuts around, but also to help RESTORE THE LAND to its NATURAL BALANCE.

Soil fertility and nutrition are built through NATURAL METHODS such as intensive COMPOSTING and utilizing a no-till approach where possible to help create a RICH, LIVING SOIL.   Not tilling reduces soil compaction and erosion, reduces use of fossil fuels, and helps to maintain a beneficial earthworm habitat.

Natural habitats help to provide an enticing habitat for BENEFICIAL INSECTS.

NATURAL PREDATORS, such as owls, as well as predatory insects, such as ladybugs, lacewings and predacious mites (otherwise known as “GOOD BUGS”) are introduced and encouraged to thrive to help bring about a more NATURAL BALANCE. 

ALTERNATIVE pest control methods such as pheromone MATING DISRUPTION are utilized IN LIEU OF conventional, non-organic PESTICIDES. 

 WEEDS!  Okay, so not everything in paradise is sunshine and roses!  We don’t use synthetic weed killers so that leaves a lot of weed eating, hoeing, mowing, and even, pictured below, weed badgering. 

SOLAR POWER.  We’ve invested heavily in solar power, believing it’s not just an opportunity, but a duty to protect the environment by investing in renewable resources.  Our packing facility is powered nearly entirely by a 110 kW DC solar installation while our irrigation pumps are powered by an additional 232.9 kW DC of solar power.

Finally, truth be told, in practice organic farming isn’t always the storybook image of birds chirping against the warm glow of the afternoon sun that one might envision.  In practice, it is actually much more challenging and difficult to grow crops organically rather than conventionally.  

However, we truly believe that by using organic methods we can provide you with a MORE NATURAL, HEALTHIER PRODUCT while also helping to promote a HEALTHIER ENVIRONMENT.  To us, that makes all the difference.  


Thank you!

—  Wayne, Jeff, and Greg